Purchase Order Request 

To: Vendor Primary Contact
cc: QI Navigator

This workflow email is triggered if "Accepts POs" is "Yes" on the Vendor Account Record. Note: Lakeshore and Kaplan Punchout Orders do not generate a Purchase Order Request email. Instead they generate a Punchout Confirmation email.


Punchout Order Confirmation

Source: Lakeshore Punchout


Lakeshore Learning Materials

QI Navigator: Rick Winter

Approved by: JAttebery




Purchase Order #:  FFN16-DCECC-BRSCCH-2001


Date: 06/24/2016 03:36pm

 Ship to: Sarah Goldman-Foster
ATTN: Sarah Goldman-Foster -
Address: 22000 Dayton Rd. Denver, CO 80238



Bill to: ECCLA
ATTN: Rick Winter -
Address: 3532 Franklin St
Suite F1
Denver, CO 80205 Denver,


If you have questions about the items listed below, please contact the QI Navigator, Rick Winter (cced herein).


Line Number: 1 Item Number: KT8344 Item Name: KT8344 - Diversity Kit Quantity: 1 Unit Price: $396.60 Total: $396.60



Special Directions or Instructions: 

Pre – Bill ECCLA
Questions Janneth 720-244-2575