Invite Childcare Provider Primary Contact and Director Contact to ecConnect

ecConnect Snip

Now that you've completed 5 Steps to Request Access to Spending and Setup your Special QI Navigator or Coach Login to ecConnect, you are ready to invite your Childcare Provider Primary Contact and Director Contacts to start using ecConnect! 

The username will always be the Contact record's PRIMARY email address. If you ever change the Primary Email Address it will also update the ecConnect username. All Contacts are active on the portal by default, and simply need a password to get started.

1. You can send out an Invitation to finish their registration in ecConnect using the attached Sample Email Invitation.

2. You can individually activate and reset the passwords for each of your sites using the same steps you did under “Setup Special QI Navigator and Coach Login to the ecConnect Portal”.

3. Anyone can register for an Account just by visiting This is a good approach for teachers/individuals who just want to register for trainings and gain access to general information. 

Important: Only people that are designated as an Account's Primary Contact or Director Contact on the Account record in Sugar by the Council will have access to submit QI Spending Requests or Apply for QI Funds.