ecConnect Portal: Quality Improvement Menu + Allowable QI PDFs

In ecConnect, there is a Quality Improvement menu that includes the QIP Dashboard, QI Spending History, and Request Quality Improvement options.

These options are designed to give Childcare Providers and their QI Navigators a complete view of current and historical QI activities along with a transparent view of how much money the site has left in each funding stream. In Sugar 7, we have designed the QI Request Form so that QI Navigators or Lead Coaches (as indicated on the Account Record) can login to ecConnect on behalf of their provider sites to complete the QI Request Form. It is preferred that the site complete the QI Request Form on their own, or that they complete it in partnership with a QI Navigator or Coach, as opposed to the Council staff simply creating the QI Request without input from the site.

QIP Dashboard

The QIP Dashboard is the one stop shop for Provider Sites to see their Colorado Shines QIP goals, Coaching Recommendations (populated from “Provider Next Steps” in the Coaching Details log), summary of available QI resources, and a button to Request to use Quality Improvement funds.

QI Request History

The QI Spending History allows Provider Sites the ability to see past QI requests and their current status by Funding Stream and by year.

Submit QI Request Form

The Submit QI Request Form menu option will take the site directly to the Quality Improvement Request Form. The QI Request Form directly feeds in to the Sugar Spending (summary record) and Spending Detail (line-items) Modules – so no more duplicate data entry!


The first thing at the top of the screen is a quick step-by-step visual that walks through the process of submitting a QI Request Form.

Once you click either Continue Draft QI Request or Open new QI Request, you will see the following:

QI Navigators will also use this ecConnect QI Request form to enter Spending records into Sugar on behalf of their assigned sites.

The ecConnect user interface, through requiring specific relationships and fields for the Spending and Spending Detail records, helps ensure nothing is easily missed, as can often be the case with manually entering a Spending record into Sugar directly. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and hit submit.

To review a full listing of allowable Quality Improvement items/services, you can view the Qualified Quality Improvement Purchase Descriptions pdf on the ecConnect QI Request form (also attached below).

To review a full listing of required documentation and general restrictions by grant, see the Allowable Qualified Quality Improvement (attached below).