All of us are now well acquainted with the idea that the Statusfield in Sugar is very important and sometimes causes other actions to happen in the database (like sending emails, updating related records, locking editing of certain fields, or syncing records to OEC).

But sometimes it is unclear which status you should choose next. So, we have been working with several QI Navigators and Program Managers to create a new “What would you like to do? Select from Available Actions”. This drop-down feature shows only the next steps available in the workflow process. This helps ensure that all requests receive proper approval prior to order placement or reimbursement request submission.



You will also see a little “Message from Sugar” letting you know what happened as a result of you selecting an action (like “Success! You submitted the request to the Program Manager for Preapproval!”). For many of the Actions, an email will be sent with additional info. The Action will always update the Status correctly, so that field is now read only.



We moved the Audit Trail to its own tab, so you can easily see who has done for the approval workflow. TIP: You can always check the “View Change Log” to see any change to any audited field by clicking the little triangle next to edit and selecting View Change Log.