Here is a quick cheat sheet on what coaching statuses on Coaching Details mean and when they should be used.

This is to be selected when…
What this does/means
A coach is initially creating a coaching log, before you know any details
This is a beginning draft of a coaching log
A coach has a more concrete idea of when their coaching would be, such as date and time as well as who the participants will be
Coaching visits should ideally be entered in this state as they are scheduled, so in advance of the actual visit
In Progress
A coach has done or is in the process of doing the coaching visit.
This state is where coaches can still enter all of the details and make any adjustments based on how their coaching visit went
Cancelled - Billable
When the coach has to cancel a previously scheduled coaching visit due to the program’s needs/request
Half of the amount of hours listed on this request is still subtracted from the related requisition
Cancelled - Nonbillable
When the coach has to cancel a previously scheduled coaching visit for a reason that is no fault of the program OR when the program cancels far enough in advance*
No amount should be subtracted from the related requisition
Complete and Reconciled
When the coach has completed the coaching visit and carefully reviewed that all necessary fields are complete and correct
Once this status is selected, the coach can no longer edit the coaching detail in ecConnect.**
The amount on the coaching record when this status is selected is automatically subtracted from the related requisition.
The amount listed in the Coaching record at this point should be ready to enter in your Council's financial system and/or bill the funder.

*We recommend that your Council establish a coaching cancellation policy that clearly spells out when hours are billable vs. nonbillable, and share this with all programs receiving coaching.

**If for some reason you need to make changes to a Coaching Detail after it is complete (NOT RECOMMENDED), see this article on "Locked" Coaching Details