If you are an OEC Program Officer this article will walk you though when you approve or need to make any changes to a Capital Improvement Request! 

Behind the Scenes: The Requisition balance for a TSQI Capital Improvement Request is automatically managed by Sugar when you approve the related Spending Requests so you won't ever need to edit a Capital Improvement Requisition. 

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There are only two scenarios where you would be editing a Capital Improvement request and in both of those scenarios Sugar will send you an email so if you haven't received an email, that means the Council needs to continue processing the request just like they would any other spending record. Another good way to see if a Capital Improvement request needs your attention is to check the report called Capital Improvement Requests needing OEC approval

The two scenarios when you become involved are:


Scenario 1) When the Status = "Pending Preapproval - Special Request": 

All Capital Improvement requests will end up in this status once the Council finishes the preapproval process.  An email will go out with a message to the OEC Program Officer to approve this Request.  

Couple of things to remember BEFORE you approve this Request:

a) Make sure to look over the documentation that Program has provided for accuracy.  You can find the documents under the Notes Section of the Spending Request.

The following documentation should be attached to the request:

  • 3 detailed bids from the Vendor or Vendors you wish to use (2 for EandE Capital Improvement Requests) 
  • A Before Picture
  • A brief summary of the Project and how it relates to increasing or affecting existing Infant and Toddler Care
  • Insurance Bonding information of Selected Bid (NEW).  

b) If the Program has already Completed the work and paid for it from their own budget and would like to be reimbursed for a Capital Improvement Project the Site would then need to provide the additional required documentation:

  • An Invoice to show the work was completed and paid
  • An “After Photo” of the work.  

To approve a Capital Improvement request, select the "Approve Special Request (over $2500 or a Capital Improvement)" action. 


Scenario 2) Special Process- Change to price after program officer approval:  

After the Program Officer approves the order the first time, the Council will be able to process the request just like any other spending record. However, if the amount of the request changes after the Program Officer approves the order, Sugar will prevent the Council from continuing the approval process and will send an email to the Program Officer, cc'ing the QI Navigator, requesting that the Program Officer approve the change. When the Amount changes AFTER you have approved a Capital Improvement Request there is no need to select an “Action”.  

The following two things need to happen:

1) The Navigator will need to update the Total Request Amount making sure the Price matches the Invoice Totals

2) The Program Officer then needs to open the Spending Record, review the change in price and, if they approve, update the "Approved by Program Officer" field to "Yes".

Doing this will result in another email to the QI Navigator, cc'ing the Program Officer, saying that the change has been approved and the QI Navigator can proceed with the approval process.