Do you have a Program who is ready to spend their Quality Improvement Grant Funding? AWESOME! Wondering how to help this Program get started?  This article can help! Below are the steps a Program must take to submit a Spending request in ecConnect!

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Step 1 Log in to ecConnect.  If you do not have a log in, you will Create one and then log in.  

Step 2- Click on Submit QI Request from the Quality Improvement Drop down or click Access QI Funds.

Step 3- Choose your childcare Site/ Program, the QI funds you wish to utilize, and click NEXT! 

Step 4- Click Open New QI Request! You are only allowed to have ONE open QI request at a time.   Please make sure you complete and finish your QI request before starting additional requests. 

Step 5- Select a QIP Goal Category from the drop-down menu.

 Step 6- Select the Payable to type from the drop-down menu.  For example, if you chose Childcare Site (Reimbursement) you would need to attach additional documentation.  Click HERE for a complete list!  You can also check out what these Payable to Types mean HERE

Step 7- If you are requesting Learning Materials (and you are NOT shopping Kaplan, Lakeshore, Discount, or School Specialty) click on the Learning Material + Button and then fill in the relevant information.  You can add more items by clicking the ADD LEARNING MATERIAL REQUEST ITEM+

 Step 8- Attach any documentation you may need depending on the Payable to type you selected earlier.  Once you are finished adding items you will see your total.  Do not add discounts unless your Early Childhood Council Person has instructed you to do so.  Describe in a brief summary why you are requesting these Items, sign your Name, then click SUBMIT! 

Once you click submit you will see a dialogue box at the top of your screen.  Click OK

Congratulations!!  **Your Early Childhood Council will be in touch with you regarding your Request and any further information needed or changes to be made.