These are the basic steps the Finance staff at your Council will take to prepare your Emerging and Expanding Grant (EandE) GAE invoices for submission to the CDEC.  These instructions are for basic bi-monthly EandE invoicing.

*Bonus Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!  

1. Open your EandE Funding Stream:

  1. In Sugar, go to the Emerging and Expanding Grant (EandE) funding stream for your Council.  You can find this by clicking on the Funding Streams Module and typing type "EandE" into the search bar.  Then click on the Funding Stream Name (it will be EandE - Council Abbreviation- 02/01/2021 - 06/30/2022)

2. Update the Approved Budget Column in your Invoice Template:

  1. Open the EandE CDEC invoice template (provided by your Program Officer at OEC).  Please make sure you contact your Program Officer if you do not have the EandE Invoice Template! 

(You will be looking at the Total Budget Tracked in Sugar sections on this tab)

  1. Take the “Total Direct QI” number from Sugar and enter it on the “Approved Budget” line item in the invoice document.  If you have been awarded Capital Improvement funds, you will need to subtract that amount from the “Total Direct QI” budget and add that amount instead to the “Capital Improvements” Approved budget line item on the invoice.
  2. Take the “Total Internal Coaching Budget" plus the "Total External Coaching Budget” numbers in Sugar and enter that total amount on the “Coaching” Approved Budget line item in the invoice document. 


3. Run the following Reports in Sugar, export and, save :

  1. Run the #! EandE Reconciled Coaching Report and the #! EandE Reconciled Spending Report for the previous Month for your Council (If you have access to multiple Councils in Sugar remember to change the Primary Team Name to your Council’s team name.) If you missed a month and need to report on records before the previous month change the Filter Spending> Invoice Date> to "Is Between":

  1. Download both reports to Excel and move the worksheets to the Invoice workbook – after the Accounting report tab for the month.


4. Enter EandE Materials and PD Expenses on the invoice:

  1. Open the #! EandE Reconciled Spending Report and make sure to match the total on your internal Accounting report.  If there are any discrepancies, investigate and correct.
  2. Get the total of all Capital Improvement Spending, then put the total in the "Capital Improvements All Expenditures" line item. 
  3. Get the total of all Spending where EandE Category is "PD" AND "Is a Capital Improvement Request?" is "No" and put that total in the "Professional Development All Expenditures" line item:

  1. Get the total of all Spending that is not “PD” or "Capital Improvement" and put that total in the "Materials All Expenditures" line item. 

5. Enter EandE Coaching Expenses on the invoice:

  1. Open the #! EandE Reconciled Coaching Report and put the total cost in the Coaching "ALL Expenditures Column" 
    1. For all external coaching, this should just be the sum of the "Total Cost" column.
    2. For all internal coaching, you should enter the real cost accrued during the time period as tracked in your accounting system, and check that this lines up logically with the "Total billable hours" column from the Sugar report.


As a final check:

  • The total of the direct costs for the month that shows up on the “Subtotal” line under the "All Expenditures" column should match your internal accounting system report of direct costs.
  • At this point, the invoice is complete and ready for signature and submission to