This article consists of a list of reports that are curated by Helpdesk staff to help Councils find the information they need at every step of the Quality Administration process. Each report has a direct link to the report in Sugar, as well as a brief explanation of what information it contains and the important filters to pay attention to.

Before you go any further, please note: do not edit these reports!  All Councils have access to these reports, so any changes will affect the Councils across the state, not just yours!



If you need something not listed here, you can try (in this order):

  1. Search for additional reports using the filters in the reports module (see How to Find Reports in Sugar Effectively)

  2. Contact the helpdesk at if you are not comfortable with creating/editing reports, we are here to help!

  3. Make a copy of an existing report-this is a great option if you find a report that is CLOSE to what you need, but is just missing a few display columns or something.  This will require you to know how to edit a report.  It never hurts to ask the helpdesk first before you do this, as it might be that the edits you want will be of interest to all Councils, in which case helpdesk staff can edit the default report.

  4. Create your own report- this is kind of a last-ditch effort if you can’t find anything close to what you need.  Creating reports from scratch is tricky, so make sure you try all the other steps first!  We recommend contacting the helpdesk for assistance with this unless you are extremely familiar with the process.

When you are conducting outreach to get programs involved in funding:

  • #! ESQI Eligibility Use this report to find Programs Level 1-5 WITHOUT a CCCAP Fiscal are eligible for CSQI - Expanded (ESQI) 
  • #! TSQI Eligibility Use this report to find Programs Level 1-5 with a CCCAP Fiscal that are eligible for CSQI - Targeted Funding (TSQI). 

To see how applications are going:

  • #! Current Submitted TSQI/ESQI Applications- shows all submitted applications for the current fiscal year

    • All filters are already set up

    • Useful for knowing which applications need your review/to be sent an MOU to move to the next step!

  • #! Application Quick View- shows all applications that have been started

    • You can filter by application status

    • Make sure you have the correct parent funding stream in the second filter (check the abbreviation and year is what you are looking for!)

To see how Funding/Coaching is being distributed:

  • #! Requisitions Quick View- shows all requisitions

    • Make sure you have the correct parent funding stream in the first filter (check to make sure the abbreviation and year is what you are looking for!)

    • You can use the second filter if you want to look for a specific provider

  • #! Requisition Detail View- shows all requisitions, with more detail 

    • Make sure you have the correct parent funding stream in the first filter

    • The second filter allows you to filter by the provider name, if you want to check on one site in particular

  • #! Hours Coached - shows all Completed and Reconciled Hours Coached for a Team or for a single Coach on your team.  
    • You can filter by Status, Date, Coach Name and Provider to get a snapshot of all the hours a Coach has spent Coaching a Particular Program.  

To make sure the right people have the permissions they need:

  • #! Coaching Portal Access-while the title says coaching, you can use the "Roles" filter to see who has any type of privileged role in your county

To process Spending Requests:

  • #! Spending Needing QI Navigator Review- Shows spending records

    • The first filter allows you to narrow down what you see by spending record status (hold down the control button on your keyboard to select multiple statuses at once!)

      • The default statuses that we think will be most helpful for navigators are: Received Request, Preapproved and ready to process, Manual Order Approved-Proceed with Processing, Navigator Attention Needed-Needs Correction (to see the various stages requests may be in that need navigator action).

    • The second filter gives you the option to filter by the name of a QI navigator to only see the spending records for sites they are assigned to

  • #! Spending Needing Preapproval

    • This is all spending records for the current fiscal year that are waiting on Preapproval from a Grant Lead.

    • You can use the filter to search by the name of a particular Grant Lead.

  • #! Unreconciled SpendingShows Spending records that need to be reconciled.

    • Usually spending records are reconciled every month, so if you see any from longer than a month ago, that is a sign that the record needs your attention!

To process Coaching Logs:

  • #! Unreconciled Coaching- shows coaching records that need to be reconciled 

    • Coaching details should be reconciled every month, so if you see any from longer than a month ago, that is a sign that the record needs your attention!

  • #! Coaching Detailsshows ALL the details about coaching logs

    • filterable by status, start date, coach, Funding Stream, etc.

 Requisitions Related to Capital Improvement:

To close out the month:

ANYTIME: To check on your overall budgets

  • Budget and Participants by Parent FS

    • A super quick summary of your funding stream initial budget and current number of participants

    • You can use the Funding Streams Filter to Looks at the different Funding Streams you may have available (check that the Funding abbreviation is what you are looking for!)

  • #! GAE Report 

    • A more detailed look at your funding stream budget

    • You can use the Parent Funding Stream Name filter to look at the different funding streams your Council has

Just for the OEC staff:

  • Capital Improvement Requests Needing OEC Approval

    • You can filter by which Council's requests are visible using the "Primary Team" filter

    • You can filter to find only the requests for which you are the designated program officer by putting your own name in the "Name" filter