Below is the process for reviewing and approving a Spending request in Sugar to a Vendor that has an Automatic PO in Place. 

 Please Note: There are a few variations to this general Approval process but generally for an “ideal Spending” request it will follow this workflow. 

If the request you are reviewing is a Manual Order please read the Manual Order with Credit Card Instructions!

For documentation to assist you with a QI Reimbursement to a Provider check out the QI Reimbursement Checklist!

*Bonus Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!  

Step 1) Provider Creates and Submits Spending Request via ecConnect which creates a Spending Record in Sugar (a "Received Request").  You can read more about selecting the correct Payable to type in the article How to select the correct "Payable to Type".  (If the Provider has started but not yet submitted the Order it shows up as a "Draft" in "Sugar".)

Step 2) The Navigator reviews the "Spending Details" in the Spending Record to ensure the following are accurate:

- Item name/pricing

- Item quantity 

- No consumable items in the order

- Accurate QIP Goals 

- Age Appropriateness 

  • If it is a Training or Reimbursement to the Provider, you need to check that the documentation in the NOTES Subpanel is appropriate for the requirements of that payable to type. See ecConnect checklist here.

Step 3) The Nav sends the Request to the Grant Lead by selecting " Submit to Program Manager/Grant Lead for Preapproval" The Status is then automatically changed to "Pending Preapproval". 

*Please Note: If the request you are reviewing has the Payable to type as: "Request to Use Other Vendor" this means this request is a Manual Order.  Please read the Manual Order with Credit Card Instructions article for further details!


Step 4) The Grant Lead also reviews the Spending Details and information in the Spending Record to check for accuracy and that all documents are attached if it is a training or provider reimbursement.  Once everything looks good the Grant Lead will select "Preapprove & Send PO Email to Vendor". 

For the next steps in this order process check out the Spending-Attaching Documentation and Final Finance Steps