Once the Grant Lead has reviewed and approved a Spending Request they select "Preapprove & Send PO Email to Vendor".  Once the order is placed, you should receive an invoice from the vendor. This article covers what to do once you have received that invoice.

Below are the steps for attaching documentation (invoice) to a Spending Record and sending the record to finance for final review.

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Step 1) Attach the invoice to the "NOTES" subpanel in the Spending Request.  You can do this by clicking on the on the far right hand side of the NOTES subpanel.  

Step 2) Fill out the following required fields:

  • Subject
  • Note Type
  • Selecting an attachment to upload 
  • Remember to save!

Step 3) Enter the date you paid (the date on the receipt/invoice) into Invoice Date

Step 4) Enter the Invoice Number into the field with this name.

  • The invoice number could be “N/A” or could be a unique identifying number produced by the vendor which would be located on the receipt/invoice.

Step 5) Once the invoice is attached and invoice information is entered, you can select the action "Documentation Attached & Send to Finance for Approvalto move the request to the next step in the process.


Step 6) From here the Grant Lead will select "Finance reviewed Documentation, Approved & Mark as Ready for Accounting"

Step 7) After following the processes of your Financial Dept. and reading through the Spending Review Steps to ensure the Spending Record is ready to reconcile, the Grant Lead will mark the Record as reconciled by selecting the Action "Reconciled (Lock Editing)" . 

Make sure you check out the Step-by-Step Monthly Reconciliation Process for directions on how to bill to the OEC when you are ready!