To be in alignment with the reporting needs of the Office of Early Childhood we have made some updates in Sugar to better track the Quality Merit Awards Reimbursements (checks) being issued to Programs. 

To summarize, there is a new field on Specific Spending records as well as updated fields in the Reconciliation Summary (that Councils generate every month). 

You can find more information on these TWO updates below, as well as detailed related articles!

You can find more information on how to submit a Quality Merit Award Check Cut request HERE!

1) There is a New Field on the Spending Record that will show up if: 

  • The “Reconcile” action is selected
  • The Payable to Type is a “Reimbursement”
  • AND the related Requisition has received a Merit Award. 

When you try to reconcile you will see this new field “Is this a direct payment for a Merit Award?" with the drop-down option for a  “Yes” or “No"

For more information about this step please check out the Article Quality Merit Award Spending Reconciliation Update!

2) Your Monthly Reconciliation Reports will now contain 4 additional rows based on the records you have identified as Reimbursements!

The Reconciliation reports will still function as they typically would only now they will contain 4 additional rows for reporting those Quality Merit Reimbursements to Programs that you indicated on Spending records:  

When you are ready to bill to the OEC you will still generate your Reconciliation Summary and copy and paste it as you normally would into your Invoice Template from the OEC. You can read all about how to review and then Generate your Reconciliation report to copy and paste into the OEC Invoice Template in the Step by Step Monthly Reconciliation Guide (TSQI/ESQI)

For budget or programmatic questions please contact your QRIS Coordinator! 

For any technical questions please contact the ecConnect Helpdesk at


Detailed documentation about this new field on the Spending Record related to Reconciliation can be found HERE

 As always, all helpful documentation can be found on the ecConnect Support Site at