Steps for logging Coaching in ecConnect

The following steps were created to guide Coaches while filling out their Coaching Logs in ecConnect to ensure accuracy and best practice.  

*Helpful Reminder: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!  


Step 1) Login to ecConnect, click on Coaching from the menu bar, then select Dashboard from the dropdown.

The Coaching Dashboard page will show you the Programs who have an active Requisition and that you are listed as Coach for.  You can also update this view to show other options;  Simply click on the field to the right of "Show Me:" to see alternative options for viewing your sites.

Step 2)  Select the Program you want to create a coaching log for Make sure to select the correct requisition) and click on the blue button to “Schedule coaching”.  You will be able to view assigned hours and remaining hours on each requisition

  • To see additional data about a Program, you can click on the "Profile" button next to the Program’s name or select "A Specific Site" from the Show Me menu on the Coaching Dashboard page.   A Program’s profile will show you general information, contact information, assessment dates, previous communications from QI Navigators, and coaching logs.


Step 3) Click on the “Schedule” green button to schedule your visit.  The Coach can also “Save as Scheduled if they need to come back and finish or make changes to the coaching log (You can also select “Cancel (Non-Billable)” if this session was canceled and not able to be billed).

** It is recommended that coaches complete this initial step several days prior to their visit. Coaching requisitions do not have infinite funds and just because a coach works with a site, does not mean that there are funds available to reimburse the coach for that visit. Entering a coaching log for the estimated duration of the visit will earmark the funds or alert you if there are insufficient funds in which case the coach can work with a QI Nav to transfer funds or cancel the coaching session if no funds are available.**

TIP -Coaching Participants are a useful but not required component of the coaching log. Coaches have the option of specifying one or more Program employees who participated in the Coaching visit. This can be helpful for keeping track of what you have worked on with each individual at a site.

Step 4) When you have completed the scheduled coaching  visit log back into ecConnect and make sure to fill out all applicable fields. The following fields are required to complete and reconcile the coaching log:

  • Accounts
  • Requisition
  • Coaching Time Type
  • Assessment
  • Observation Type
  • Coaching Sub-Type
  • Billable Type
  • QIP goal - make sure to have an applicable goal here

TIP-You can enter recommendations to the site in the "ecConnect Dashboard Message (shows for Director, Primary Contact, and Council Team)" field. When the site logs into ecConnect, they can go to the QIP Dashboard page where they will be able to see what you have entered in that field for each of your coaching logs. By default, this field will be set to whatever value was entered in that field in the site's most recent previous coaching log, however you are encouraged to update it whenever your recommendations change.

TIP- You will need an active QIP Goal with the same QIP category.  If your coaching applies to a specific QIP Category and you don't have any QIP Goals in that category, you will have to create a new one through the Colorado Shines Portal. 

TIP -If you have recommendations for QI Purchases or general recommendations for the site, you can enter those in the "Quality Improvement Funding Recommendation(s)" field. Updating the "Send Quality Improvement Funding Recommendations to QI Navigator and Director" field to "Yes" will automatically email the Director and the QI Navigator your recommendations once you reconcile the coaching log.

Step 5)  Save as Complete so the Grant Lead can review in Sugar! You can do this two ways:

  • Select “Complete” if everything is filled out and the log is double checked for correct hours and times.
  • Select “Cancel (Billable)” if the Coaching visit was canceled with less than 24-hour notice (any coaching log in the "Canceled - Billable" status will deduct half of the scheduled time from the site's requisition).


For budget or programmatic questions please contact your QRIS Coordinator! 


For any technical questions please contact the ecConnect Helpdesk at


As always, all helpful documentation can be found on the ecConnect Support Site at