What is a Project record?

A project record is used to track the unique combination of a provider site, a vendor and an overarching project such as playground enhancements or the creation of a new classroom. Project records are only used for EandE Capital Improvement requests and must be linked to the spending record before completing the preapproval process.

Why Project records are necessary

EandE24 will only reimburse councils for the indirect expenses associated with the first $25,000 associated with a Capital Improvement project. Project records allow you to track these projects, which will enable sugar to automatically calculate the correct indirect reimbursement.

How to set up a Project record

  1. Click on the "Projects" field on the spending record

  1. If you have already created a project record for a different spending record associated with this spending record, type in the site's abbreviation and select the appropriate project record. IMPORTANT – each project must be associated with only one vendor. If you have a project that uses two vendors, you should create two separate project records in sugar.
  2. If you have not yet created a project record, click on "Search and Select" and then "Create" in the top right corner

  1. Fill out the fields:
    • Title - a brief description of the project like "Playground updates"
    • Vendor - the name of the vendor used for this project
    • Description - a more detailed explanation of what the project is

  1. Save the record. This will return you to the spending record (the name of the project will appear to be missing the program abbreviation but that will be corrected as soon as the spending record is saved).



  1. If a site were to be putting in fencing around a playground structure from John’s Fencing and impact absorbing playground materials from Home Depot, you would create TWO different projects in Sugar using the steps below.
  2. If a site were to purchase playground equipment from Kaplan and later realize they needed to make an additional purchase of equipment and they were create a new spending request. You would link the existing project record from the first spending request to this new spending request since it is for the same site, project, and vendor.