The Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant lead to the creation of three major state-wide technology systems:

Colorado Shines Quality Rating & Improvement System

Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System


These systems work together to provide resources and support to Colorado's licensed Early Learning Programs and Early Childhood Professionals. The systems also allow the Office of Early Childhood, Colorado Department of Human Services and Early Childhood Councils to track activities and progress towards shared goals to improve the quality and accessibility of early care and education services in Colorado.

Each of these systems are permission-based. The Council Team is assigned based on the county of the related Account or Contact record, and is tied to your login. The systems are also driven off of the role(s) of each user - for example, a single user who serves as a Coach and a Quality Navigator will have two roles and will have access to all of the info for both roles. A user who is solely a Coach or Trainer will not have direct access to Sugar, but will instead access everything he or she needs within ecConnect for his or her assigned sites or training events. See ecConnect Roles & Permissions Defined for specifics on how ecConnect uses permission-based roles.