Meet the Team

There are indeed people behind the technology systems, and we are here to help!

Lilith Huff-Munoz - Dedicated to providing support and guidance on all things Quality, Lilith has worked as a QI Navigator for two Councils and is dedicated to advocating for growth in the field of Early Childhood Education. She has recently stepped into the role of Quality Initiatives (QI) Data Manager! She brings with her a zealous passion for empowerment and accurate data collection and understanding. Fun Fact-Lilith's favorite hobbies, besides chasing her preschooler, are hiking and basking in the sun on a beach, the latter of which she doesn't do often enough!

Bill Bleakley - Developer extraordinaire, Bill is the guy we call when things get serious and we need to escalate. He is the face of Technical Reality, the contractor that has done so much of the customization to ecConnect and the underlying Sugar system. He is backed by two other amazing people, Dustin and Matt. These guys are really committed to Early Childhood Councils, and work hard on our behalf. Fun fact-Bill was an early literacy specialist at an elementary school in Northglenn before he started working with us!