If you want a Council user or contracted Coach to be able to schedule, edit, and reconcile coaching for an Account (Early Learning Program) in the ecConnect Coaching Dashboard and they are not already the Account's Lead/Secondary Coach or QI Navigator, you will need to create a manual Role record.

*Helpful Reminder: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots below click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!  


When creating a manual Role record, please remember that unlike Role records automatically generated from the Account record relationships, if you ever want to end the Role, you will need to update the End Date appropriately on the Role record.


First, here's a description of all of the Role record types that will gain access to schedule, edit, and reconcile coaching in the ecConnect Coaching Dashboard:


    Secondary Coach - This is the most commonly used to grant an additional coach access to the site's Coaching Requisitions.


    QI Navigator - A QI Navigator associated with the Account record will already have access to their assigned Accounts in the Coaching Dashboard. In some Councils, the QI Navigator and the Coach are the same person, and in other Councils a QI Navigator might assist with entering Coaching log information for external or internal coaches.


    Financial Leadership Specialist - This is a special role for a qualified financial professional that meets the requirements in Colorado Shines for financial support.


    Business Leadership Specialist - This is a special role specific to Business Leadership coaching. Keep in mind that a regular Lead Coach or Secondary Coach can also record Business Leadership coaching.

You can also View Roles to search for an existing Role and update the start or end dates. Keep in mind that only the Roles listed above will give a Contact access to the Account in the ecConnect Coaching Dashboard.

Step 1: To add the new Role, go to the Roles module in Sugar (a Coach that doesn't have access to Sugar will need a Council Sugar User to complete this step - usually a Grant Lead).  Find the Role module in the Sugar Navbar, and then select "Create Role

Step 2: Complete the following fields which are highlighted in the picture below:

  • Domain - The area you are providing Coaching in (Cross Domain, Early Learning, Health, Social Emotional Early Development, Family Support, or N/A)
  • Role - Remember to only select one of the Following: Secondary Coach, QI Navigator, Financial Leadership Specialist, or Business 
  • Account - Select the Account (Provider or Program) that you will be creating Coaching logs for in ecConnect
  • Contact - Start typing and select your Name
  • Select Start and End Dates for this Role

  • Remember that ecConnect looks at each Role record to determine what information should be shown to a logged in user. It checks lots of different information to make ecConnect work, but one thing to note is that a Role record is only relevant if today's date is between the Start Date and the End Date. 


    So, if you want to add a Role, but aren't sure when to end that Role yet, you can just leave the End Date blank. However, in order to remove that site from that Contact's Coaching Dashboard when it's no longer needed, you'll need to remember to find the Role record and add the End Date.

  • You are welcome to also complete the Coach Certifications tab (in the screen shot above), but that is not necessary and should only reside on the Contact's primary Coach role record.

  • Make sure you have assigned the Role to yourself as well and that the Correct Team is showing:

Step 3: Click Save and you're done! Simply refresh ecConnect, and the Account should be available to that Contact.


***Bonus Tip: Check out this report of Active Roles by Council, Account, Contact, or Type! 

If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties with this process please email the ecConnect HelpDesk at support@ecconnectcolorado.org