Negative Requisition Alert

To: Program Manager (from Funding Stream)
cc: Coach (Coaching Requisitions) or QI Navigator (QI Dollar Requisitions)

The {::href_link::REQ_Requisitions::href_link::} Requisition Remaining Balance is negative.

Requisition Type: {::future::REQ_Requisitions::requisition_type_c::}


Funds Remaining: ${::future::REQ_Requisitions::funds_remaining_c::}


Hours Remaining: {::future::REQ_Requisitions::hours_remaining_c::}

Hours should ALWAYS be zero for QI Dollar Requisitions. If you'd like to Convert QI Dollars to Coaching hours, see the Requisitions & Transfers guidance on the support site.


Please either Transfer funds from a Pooled Requisition or correct the most recent related Spending or Coaching records to ensure the balance is not less than 0.