Spending Needs Correction

To: QI Navigator

This workflow can be triggered at almost any point in the approval process and will send an email to the QI Navigator asking them to make corrections as noted in the Approval Notes.

This Spending Record Needs Correction.


Approval Notes: {::future::spend_spendings::approval_notes_c::}


Payable to: {::href_link::spend_spendings::accounts_spend_spendings_1::href_link::}

Payable to Type:{::future::spend_spendings::payable_to_type_c::}

QIP Category: {::future::spend_spendings::qip_category_c::}

Total Request Amount: ${::future::spend_spendings::dollars_total_c::}


Please make necessary corrections and then select the appropriate Action from the "What would you like to do? Available Actions" dropdown.