Action Needed: Please Place Order with Vendor Manually

To: QI Navigator

This workflow is triggered when a vendor does not accept emailed purchase orders. In these cases, the QI Navigator needs to place the order through the vendor's regular process outside of Sugar.

This spending record has been preapproved by the Program Manager and is now ready to be ordered.


{::future::spend_spendings::accounts_spend_spendings_1::name::} is not currently setup to accept emailed purchase order requests from ecConnect.

Please complete the order manually directly with the vendor.

Once completed, select the appropriate action under "What would you like to do? Available Actions".


Below is a sample Purchase Order Request based on the information in the Spending/Spending Detail records for this order. If this vendor would like to accept Purchase Orders going forward, please forward this email to support@ecclacolorado, and ECCLA will update the Vendor Account record to "Accept POs". 


Purchase Order Request


QI Navigator: {::future::spend_spendings::assigned_user_name::}

Approved by: {::future::spend_spendings::modified_by_name::}


Purchase Order #:  {::future::spend_spendings::po_number_c::}


Date: {::future::spend_spendings::date_modified::}






If you have questions about the items listed below, please contact the QI Navigator, {::future::spend_spendings::assigned_user_name::}.





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