QI Request Confirmation

To: Primary Contact (Provider Account Record)
cc: QI Navigator (Requisition Assigned to)

Thank you for submitting your ITQA16 Request for $10.00!

Your Early Childhood Council QI Navigator will reach out to you if we have any questions regarding your QI Request submission.


Requests can take 30-60 days to process.

Your current available balance for BILL ITQA16 QI Dollars is $592.62.

To view remaining balances for all of your Quality Improvement Programs, please return to ecConnect.


Discount School Supply


Date Submitted: 2016-01-22 12:50

Submitted by:

Total Request Amount: 10.00

Current Status: Received Request

QI Requests will not be processed until all required documentation has been submitted and approved. All QI Requests are subject to final approval and funding; submission through ecConnect does not guarantee payment.


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