Coach Preapproval Needed

To: Primary Lead Coach (from Provider Account Record)


The following Spending Record requires your Preapproval:

Spending Record: {::href_link::spend_spendings::href_link::}

Payable to: {::href_link::spend_spendings::accounts_spend_spendings_1::href_link::}

Payable to Type:{::future::spend_spendings::payable_to_type_c::}

QIP Category: {::future::spend_spendings::qip_category_c::}

Total Request Amount: ${::future::spend_spendings::dollars_total_c::}

QI Navigator Notes: {::future::spend_spendings::qi_navigator_notes_c::}

Review the Spending Details subpanel to ensure that all items are reasonable, tied to the grant objectives of the Requisition, tied to a QIP, and tied to a Classroom (if applicable).


If Approved, please select the appropriate Action from the "What would you like to do? Available Actions" dropdown.

If corrections are needed, please select "Send Back to QI Navigator for Correction". An email will be sent to the QI Navigator along with your Approval Notes.


Requisition: {::future::spend_spendings::req_requisitions_spend_spendings_1::name::}

Requisition Remaining Balance: ${::future::spend_spendings::req_requisitions_spend_spendings_1::funds_remaining_c::}

If the Requisition balance is negative, you should either reduce the amount of the Spending Record or use the Transfer Module to transfer funds from the Pooled Council Requisition to the Provider Requisition.