Council Employee Sets Up Privileged Roles to ecConnect


Council employees in the role of QI Navigator or Lead Coach have the permission to see both the Council Perspective and the Provider Perspective in ecConnect. These are known as privileged roles in Sugar because users in these roles may log in to ecConnect on behalf of any of their assigned Provider sites and see exactly what the Provider would see.  


In order to give QI Navigators and Lead Coaches this special access, complete these steps for each Contact record.

Verify your Sugar Contact record is setup to login to ecConnect

  1. Search for your own Contact record in the Contacts module in ecConnect’s Sugar database:
  2. Click on your own Contact record.
    • IMPORTANT: If you see a duplicate Contact record, please contact so we can merge them for you.

  3. Click on the Admin Only tab and make sure that your name is in the "Sugar User" field. If it isn't, update the field by typing your name into it, and selecting your name.
  4. Click on the Portal Information tab.
  5. There must be a Portal Username. This will auto-populate to the Contact record’s email address. If it is blank, click the Edit button, and then click Save, and it should update itself. 
  6. There should also be a Portal Password (which will look like gobbledygook). If the password field is blank, you have two options:
    • Type in a password and click save – that is the new password
    • Check the Force Reset Password check-box and click save. That will generate an email to the portal username and request that the portal user reset their own password. (Note: Sometimes these emails get stuck in spam filters, so the easiest thing to do is to type in a password and click save.)
  7. Also make sure the Active box is checked.
  8. Click Save, and the user is ready to login to


  • EcConnect displays a welcome note from the QI Navigator at the bottom of the page at login. This will occur as long as you’ve identified the QI Navigator in their Primary Account record. If you haven’t, a message pops up asking if the site would like to have a QI Navigator assigned to it.
  • The Council Logo that appears above the purple menu bar is based on the Primary Account of the logged in users' Council team.