This article will guide you on how to assist a Provider with Logging into ecConnect.

If a Provider needs helps with a new or existing Colorado Shines or PDIS log-in, please have them contact the following helpdesks:


Get the details!


Specifically, you need to be 100% sure which system they are having an issue with before you try to help them, otherwise it will not accomplish anything. There are a lot of systems that we ask providers to utilize, so it is not uncommon for them to be confused. One way to make sure is to send the URLs for various systems to help them figure it out. That, or you can ask them to send you a screenshot if that is easier. Once you know the system, you can find it below to do the trouble-shooting steps necessary for that system:


We currently have two ecConnect portals - which can certainly be confusing! 'Old' ecConnect is available at 


To help a Provider with their existing ecConnect login, here are few troubleshooting tips


Step 1. Check in Sugar to see if there is more than one Contact record (Search for their Name and for their Email using the universal search bar in Sugar in the upper right).


Step 2. If there is, please merge the Contact records and keep the most relevant info.  See this article on merging duplicate contacts for how to do this part. Once Duplicate Contacts have been merged move on to step 3. 


Step 3. If there are not any duplicates, simply click on the Contact record and then click on the "Portal Information" tab


Step 4: To reset simply click Edit, type in an easy password like Password123 in the Portal Password field, checking the Box labeled Force Reset Password and Save!  Be sure to let the Provider know what the password is that you reset it to.  When the Provider logs in they will be prompted to change the password to something more secure. 


 **Bonus Tip:  When you are sending someone a new password, make it easy to copy and paste by bolding the password (not putting it in quotes), and not putting a. or, or other punctuation right after the password!

Behind the Scenes: The Portal Username will ALWAYS be a unique email address. Therefore, ecConnect has trouble when a duplicate Contact record is created. The Portal Password always looks like gibberish because it is encrypted.