Below are the steps to assist a Director or Primary contact, who can not see their Site/s, successfully log in to ecConnect and see their Program's QI information or submit a spending request.

Step 1: About 80% of the time, this is due to a problem with duplicate contact records.

        a) See this article on merging duplicate contacts for how to address this issue. Once this step is completed, or if there are no duplicate contact records, move on to step 2.

Step 2: The other issue that may come up is that only the contact record associated with the account record that is listed as "Primary Contact/Portal Admin" is able to see the QI information and submit spending requests on behalf of that site. In this case, you navigate to the site's account record, and on the Overview tab scroll down to see who is listed as the "Primary Contact/Portal Admin".

Step 3: If this name is not correct, edit the field with the correct contact name. If you see the exact name appear twice when you are trying to update, go back to step one, since this means another duplicate is likely floating around.

  • If the name is correct but not the email, you will need to go to the contact record to edit the PRIMARY email address, since it pulls this field automatically. 

**Bonus Tip: Only the email listed as Primary OR Director Contact can log-in to see the QI info in ecConnect!  If a director has a personal email and a business email, only the one that is listed on the account record as Primary Contact or Director Contact will allow them to successfully access their QI funds!

Behind the Scenes: This "Primary Contact/Portal Admin" field is NOT tied to the data sync with Salesforce/Colorado Shines-it is only for use with ecConnect. Providers CAN update this primary contact themselves during the QI application they fill out for each funding stream, which is hosted in the QI incentives tab in Colorado Shines. This can be confusing, since to the provider it seems like it is all one system, but as Council staff now you know what is going on behind the scenes!

If you try all this and the provider still can't see their QI funding (even after they have refreshed the page and/or logged out and logged in again), please go ahead and submit a help ticket, because something funky is going on!