When there is a change in leadership at a Childcare provider site, this information will need to be updated in Sugar so the new contact will have all the permissions they need to apply for and spend their QI funding. Since each Council knows their sites best, it is up to a Council staff who has Sugar access to update this info!

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The most important field to update in Sugar is the "Primary Contact/Portal Admin" and "Director Contact" on the account record. You can also update the "Financial Contact" on the account record, but this field is not tied directly to Sugar/ecConnect permissions. Only the email/contact record associated with "Primary Contact/Portal Admin" or "Director Contact" will be able to submit QI requests when they log-in to ecConnect.


Behind the Scenes: This "Primary Contact/Portal Admin", "Director Contact", and "Financial Contact" fields are NOT tied to the data sync with Salesforce/Colorado Shines-it is only for use with ecConnect. Providers CAN update the primary contact themselves during the QI application they fill out for each funding stream, which is hosted in the QI incentives tab in Colorado Shines. This can be confusing, since to the provider it seems like it is all one system, but as Council staff now you know what is going on behind the scenes!


First Step: Does the new contact person have a record in ecConnect already?


You can find this out by going to Contacts and entering the person's name in the search field. If you see the person's name appear in the list below, you can click on their name to see their complete record and verify it is the same person you are looking for (check email, organization, etc. fields on their contact record to be sure). 


**If you see this person's name twice when you search, and it is clear that each contact record is for the same person, you will want to read the Merging Duplicate Contacts article before you proceed.


**If you see this person's name twice when you search, and it is clear that each contact record is for DIFFERENT people, you can disregard until later on in the process. 



The person replacing the position of Director will need to have a Contact record in Sugar.  Please be sure to search and make sure that contact record exists and is updated before creating a new one (step above). 


If the New Director does not have a Contact record in Sugar you have to create a Contact record for them by clicking on Contacts and clicking create on the upper right hand side of the page-

Next you will update only the highlighted information.  Primary Account is the Program they are associated with as Director.



After you have either verified that an updated Contact record exists or created a new Contact record for the person, you will have to navigate to the site's account record, and on the Overview tab scroll down to add a "Primary Contact/Portal Admin".  Only an account record with someone listed as "Primary Contact/Portal Admin" is able to see the QI information and submit spending requests on behalf of that site in ecConnect. 


Click on the Primary Contact box and type the name of the new Contact person you want to add and click save.


**If you see the person's name twice when you start typing here, make sure you click the "Search and Select" option below the box you type in so you can make sure you are selecting the correct contact. Go back to the first step in this document for more info on what to do with matching name contact records.


Once you save, you should verify that the primary contact email is correct. If it is not, you may have selected the wrong contact, or the email on the contact record is not updated. Go back to the first step in this document to make sure you didn't miss those details!


**Bonus Tip: Only the email listed as primary contact can log-in to see the QI info! If a director has a personal email and a business email, only the one that is listed on the account record as primary contact will allow them to successfully access their QI funds!