You may have noticed that when Coaching Detail Records are in the "Complete and Reconciled" or either of the Cancelled statuses, most fields cannot be edited. This is because records should only be put in one of these statuses as the final step in the process, after all fields have been carefully reviewed and confirmed to be correct.

Generally speaking, you should NOT be needing to edit Coaching Details once they are in the "Complete and Reconciled", "Cancelled-Billable" and the "Cancelled-Nonbillable" Status. Coaches should make sure to carefully review all fields BEFORE changing the status to "Complete and Reconciled" or cancelled. If a coach hasn't had a chance to carefully review the fields, they can keep the Coaching Detail in "In Progress" status. As a best practice, all coaching records should be carefully reviewed and reconciled by the end of the month in which the coaching took place, before submitting any official documentation to your funder(s).


In the (hopefully) rare case that you do need to edit a Coaching Detail after it has been moved to the "Complete and Reconciled" Status, here are the things to consider and basic steps to follow

  1.     Note that ecConnect users CANNOT edit a Coaching Detail after it is in "Complete and Reconciled" status. You must do this whole process through Sugar.
  2.     In Sugar, Navigate to the Coaching Detail in question, and click "Edit" at the top of the page. You will notice that many of the key fields are not editable yet.
  3.     To make all fields editable again, change the Status to "In Progress". You should then be able to edit any necessary fields.
  4.     Once all the fields are correct, save the record.
  5.    Then, one last time make sure you change the status back to "Complete and Reconciled" if all the necessary changes have been made.


This is all you technically need to do in Sugar. It is important to remember, however that updating a record doesn't automatically notify the funder. If your Council has already submitted the Coaching Detail record to a funder as part of a reconciliation report or other financial statement, your Council will be reimbursed on the submitted value, not the updated value.


 If you have already submitted anything to your funder for this Coaching Detail record, you must still reach out to your funder directly to tell them that you have updated this record, and what the new amount should be!


This process gets even more complicated if the changes are being made to a record from the past fiscal year, so please be timely in carefully reviewing and reconciling records each month before submitting any documentation to funders, and ideally before marking the coaching detail as reconciled. If you do need to change a record from a previous fiscal year, please submit a help ticket to