A Requisition is a portion of a Funding Stream budget that has been assigned to a specific site. Depending on its type, a Requisition can be used to pay a coach for their time to work with the site (Internal or External Coaching) or it can be used to cover the costs of Quality Improvement items (QI Dollars). The Status of a Requisition is primarily tied to its associated Application

All Requisitions start in the "Preliminary" Status. Once the MOU on the related Application is fully signed, the Requisition's Status is updated to "Approved" and it can now be accessed through ecConnect. Read more about Applications and Sending MOUs.

In addition to connecting Spending and Coaching Detail records to a site (Account) and Funding Stream record, Requisitions are intended to help councils manage their budgets. A site can't use more than the funds specified in the Requisition, but Councils can use the special functionality built into the Requisition to increase, decrease or convert funds for a different purpose if they so choose.

The only Requisition Types are "QI (Quality Improvement) Dollars", "External Coaching" or "Internal Coaching" 

A Requisition is related to only one Funding Stream, which allows for easy reporting by grant. Requisitions allow you to see how much money or time you originally assigned for a purpose, how much is used, and how much is still available. Each Requisition allows you to see all spending or coaching assigned as well as transfers in and out.  Through the roll up of related Requisition, Coaching Details, and Spending modules, you get additional verification controls to help ensure that the Funding Stream record is continuously updated with accurate information regarding the assignment and utilization QI dollars and coaching hours.


In short, you can think about a Requisition a little like a gift card: It has a set amount of money (that only the giver of the gift card, aka Councils, can change), and the gift card can only be spent in specific ways (either QI or coaching) up to the amount on the gift card.



Requisitions Assigned to Provider Sites Vs. Pooled:

Provider Requisitions: Most Requisitions are for specific providers, as described above. When a Funding Stream is set up, a QI allocation formula is established that will generate minimum QI dollar and coaching Requisitions assigned to each prospective provider site as the site starts completing the related application. These Requisitions are established in the “Preliminary” Status until such time that the Council determines if the site will participate in the QI funding stream, be wait-listed, or be rejected. In each scenario, when the Council updates the Application record in Sugar, the related Requisition statuses are also updated. 

A "Pooled" Status on a Requisition means that it should be associated with your Council Account record and is a discretionary pooled amount of QI Dollars or Coaching Hours.  Every Funding Stream for your Council should have 3 pooled requisitions (QI Dollars, Internal Coaching, External Coaching), even if the value in one or more of these is $0. This is where you can Transfer funds/hours in and out. Pooled Requisitions are created automatically, and are not tied to an application process. A Pooled Requisition is the only Requisition that you can directly edit the assigned funds value. 

Like other Requisitions, Pooled Requisitions exist to help Councils track and balance their budget-any resources that have been drawn down but are NOT currently allocated to a provider site will show up in your Council's Pooled Requisitions.

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