Requisitions can look confusing at first, but they are really just designed to show you what is happening with a provider's budget of QI resources. This article breaks it down into three sections:

  • General Fields (gives you the necessary background info about what type of requisition it is, which site the requisition is for and which funding stream it is drawing down from)
  • Balance Fields (where you can see the $$ info)
  • Subpanels (where Requisitions connect to other related record types in Sugar)

New to Requisitions? First check out What the Heck is a Requisition?

General Fields 

* Note that some of the fields are either relate fields (linking to another record type) or auto-populated fields and should not be changed manually on the requisition record.

Name - The requisition Name field is auto calculated to include [Account Abbreviation] [Funding Abbreviation] [Funding Year Ending] [Assignment Type]


Assignment Type - This defines the type of Requisition as either "QI Dollars", "External Coaching", or "Internal Coaching".  It indicates whether the requisition can be used to make a spending request or if it can be used to track coaching visits.


Status (Use Actions to Change) - The Status defaults to "Preliminary", and will be updated to "Waitlisted", "Rejected", or "Approved" based on the progress of the related QI Application record. It can also manually be moved into the Status “Probation” if you have some reason to not allow spending or coaching activities to go against the Requisition (for example, there is a licensing violation). 

** IMPORTANT: Only Requisitions with the "Approved" Status will show on the provider portal, ecConnect.  The status will be automatically updated to "Approved" once the MOU is fully signed.


Site Account - The Provider site that has access to these funds


Funding Stream - This is a related field that associates the requisition with a specific funding stream.


Applications - This is a related field that associates the Requisition to the QI Application it is related to. 


Expiration Date - This is the date that the Requisition will no longer show on the ecConnect portal. It is populated at the time the Requisition is generated, but you can modify this date to meet your needs but remember that all requests must be processed with enough time to close out a grant. You can choose to modify the date for all Requisitions, or just a site that needs a little extra time.


External Hourly Rate- the external rate is defined on the Funding Stream and copied down to the related requisitions (and coaching details to calculate the total cost field).


Assigned To - The recipient of several automated emails related to activity on the requisition and related records. This is automatically set to the QI Navigator for the related Site Account.

Requisition Actions and Message from Sugar - Read more about how these fields work in the article Lights, Requisition, ACTIONS!

Balance Fields

Please note all the following fields appear on each assignment type which is either QI Dollars (dollars only), or Coaching (Internal=hours only or External=hours and dollars).

Preliminary - The preliminary field(s) is what was initially awarded based on how the related Funding Stream record is set up. It's also the field that is compared against the Funding Stream remaining balance to determine if there are sufficient funds to approve the Application when you attempt to send the MOU.  For most Funding Streams, this value is predetermined and is non-editable. 


·         Preliminary Dollars

·         Preliminary External Dollars

·         Preliminary External Hours

·         Preliminary Internal Hours 


Total - This field is automatically calculated based on the combination of Preliminary, Transferred, and Milestone balances.  For provider Requisitions, the assigned resources can only be modified by transferring hours or dollars to or from a requisition (see article on transfers-coming soon!). If the Requisition is still in the "Preliminary" Status, this field will be set to 0.


·         Total Dollars

·         Total Internal Hours 

·         Total External Dollars


Milestone - Additional resources awarded due to the completion of a goal or achievement (affects Total).  The sum of ‘milestone’ awards, which are a special type of transfer that is awarded to providers who reach a specific goal for some Funding Streams. 


·         Milestone External Dollars

·         Milestone Dollars

·         Milestone Internal Hours


Transferred - The sum of funds transferred between this requisition and the corresponding pooled requisition. Note that this can be a negative number if more funds have been transferred from the requisition than have been transferred to it.


·         Transferred Dollars

·         Transferred External Dollars

·         Transferred Internal Hours


Utilized - The sum of funds utilized. For dollar requisitions, this will be equal to the sum of the Total Request Amount field of all the related Spending records. For Internal requisitions, it will be the sum of the Total Billable Hours field on all related Coaching Details. And for External requisitions, it will be the sum of the Total Cost field on all related Coaching Details.  This is calculated based on Spending or Coaching records tied to this requisition in any status other than “canceled/rejected” (Spending) or “cancelled - non billable” (coaching*). 


·         Utilized External Dollars

·         Utilized External Hours

·         Utilized Dollars

·         Utilized Internal Hours

*Note that for coaching records with status “Canceled – Billable”, Sugar calculates Billable Hours as half of the originally scheduled hours and prep time.


Remaining - The maximum amount of funds the provider will be able to use without additional transfers. This is equal to the Total balance minus the Utilized balance.  


·         Remaining External Dollars

·         Remaining External Hours

·         Remaining Internal Hours

·         Remaining Dollars


The following relationships can link multiple records to the requisition. None of these relationships should be updated manually. Spending and Coaching Detail records can be added through ecConnect and transfers are added by selecting certain actions. All the records that are linked through these relationships can be found at the bottom of the requisition in what’s called a subpanel.


Spending  All spending records associated with the requisition. This subpanel will be empty for all coaching requisitions. New Spending records are linked here automatically when a user submits a related spending request through ecConnect.


Coaching Details – All Coaching Detail records associated with the requisition. This subpanel will be empty for all dollar requisitions. New Coaching Detail records are linked here automatically when a user records a related coaching visit through ecConnect.


Transfers To  All the transfers that increased the balance of the requisition. Additional transfers can be linked here by selecting one of the appropriate transfer actions.


Transfers From – All the transfers that decreased the balance of the requisition. Additional transfers can be linked here by selecting one of the appropriate transfer actions.