The Requisition Actions field on each Requisition record allows you to make more advanced changes to that Requisition. When you select an action, it triggers an automated process that does all the behind the scenes work needed to make sure no funds are overdrawn. Using the Requisition Actions is how you change the Requisition's Status.

For more details on each Action and when to select them, check out the Requisitions Actions Glossary article.



Actions Field 

Actions - This field allows you to make several changes to the requisition. You can increase or decrease the total balance, convert funds to a different assignment type, change the status etc. To produce the change described in the dropdown option, select the desired option, fill out any required fields and save.


Message from Sugar  Any time you select an action, this field will be updated with details of what sugar did after you save. It will indicate if the action was successful, or why it was unsuccessful, and it will return a link to the newly created/updated requisition if you select a conversion action. Don't forget to read this message after completing any action to make sure it did what you wanted it to!!



* The fields below will only appear if you select a Transfer-related action* 


Hours to be Transferred – The number of hours you would like to transfer.


Dollars to be Transferred The number of dollars you would like to transfer.


New Assignment Type When converting from one assignment type to a different one, you’ll specify the assignment type that you want to convert funds into. For instance, if you’re trying to convert dollars into internal coaching, you would select the “Internal Coaching” option in this field.

Transfer Justification – This is where you’ll enter your explanation for why you’re creating a transfer. What you type here will be written into the automatically generated transfer record, so you’ll be able to see your justification on each transfer record.