Here are some common issues related to Transfers and Conversions Sugar and ways to troubleshoot! 

**Remember to always check the Message From Sugar field on the Requisition record, as this will indicate where the problem may be!

New to Transfers and Conversions?  Check out Transfers and Conversions-the Basics!.

Why didn’t my transfer work? – Check the “Message from Sugar” field! If a transfer fails, you’ll see an explanation of what went wrong in that field. The most common reason for a transfer to fail is that the remaining balance of the “From” requisition was insufficient. If you want to increase the balance of a provider’s dollar requisition by $X, the Pooled QI Dollar requisition must have at least $ remaining. If you’re trying to decrease a provider’s balance by $X, the provider’s requisition must have at least $X remaining.



Why can’t I see the action I want to select? – The actions covered in this document are only available when the “Status” field is set to “Approved”. If the requisition isn’t approved, that probably means you need to send and sign the MOU.  Check out Applications and Sending MOU's for steps on how to do this!  These actions are also only available on provider requisitions. If the requisition you’re looking at has a “Status” of “Pooled” you won’t be able to select any actions on that requisitions and will instead need to find the provider requisition you’d like to update.



The Pooled requisition doesn’t have sufficient funds; what can I do? – All pooled requisitions start out with a balance of $0, which means that you won’t be able to transfer any funds to providers until funds have been transferred from a provider requisition to a pooled requisition. We generally recommend against forfeiting funds to the pooled requisition until you’ve spoken with the site and confirmed that they don’t intend to use their full award before the end of the Program Year.



Should I transfer or convert? – In the beginning of the year, we recommend you use conversions because they ensure that each site only gets the amount they were originally awarded (conversions change the ratio of dollars to hours but not the total dollar value of their requisitions). Towards the end of the year, some providers may find that they don’t need their full award, in which case, you can transfer away some or all of their remaining balance, which will allow you to transfer those funds to other providers.



How can I see my Pooled Requisition’s remaining balance? – You can see all of the pooled requisitions’ remaining balances on the Funding Stream record. The "QI Dollars Detail," "Internal Coaching Detail" and "External Coaching Detail" tabs on a Funding Stream record each have a “Pooled Requisition” section that lists all the details about the corresponding type of Pooled Requisition, including the remaining balance.



How do I see all of the Transfers associated with a requisition? – When you’re looking at a Requisition record, you can see all of the related Transfer records by scrolling down towards the bottom of the page. You’ll find all of the transfers that increased the balance in the “Transfers To” subpanel and all of the Transfers that decreased the balance in the “Transfers From” subpanel. You can also hover over the value in the “Transfer Justification” column to see why the transfer was created.