Aside from the "Application Submitted" email, any automatically generated email is going to come from a sugar workflow.  If you click the little person Icon in the top right corner of a sugar page, then select "Administration" and then "Workflow Management" it will take you to a list of all the workflows.

Here's a direct LINK to that page:


Most of these workflows are configured pretty carefully so it's probably best to not fiddle with these workflows without checking with BILL but the main reason we use these workflows is to allow users with Administrative Privileges to adjust the verbiage of these emails.  Below are the steps to make edits to these work flows. 


 If you click on the little black down arrow next to "Workflow Definitions" in the navigation bar, one of the options is "Alert Email Templates" if you click on that, you'll see all of the templates that we use to email people.



Clicking on this link -  - will bring you to where you will see all of the email templates.  This page doesn't have a search form but you can still use Control+F to search the page for the template name we want in the "Alerts" section of the workflow definition. Note that there are 42 templates but sugar will only show 25 on a page so you may need to navigate to the second set of results to see the record you're looking for.


Once you've found the template with the matching name that you need to update, you can click on it to see and edit the template.  You can press the "edit" button and make whatever changes you'd like.  Don't worry about the "Alt text" section, just update the "Body".  It's possible to insert dynamic variables, e.g. a value from a field on the record or a related record, but we can tackle that some other time!