This guide was provided by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood and is a continuation of the Level 2 Rating Guide: Initial Application Process.  This guide should be used to assist Programs in reviewing and correcting an Application that has been returned to the Program for more information or changes.  A PDF Version of this article is also attached. 

Once submitted, the Colorado Shines Level 2 Application will be sent to the Licensing Specialist for review.  If there are any items that need attention after the review the program will receive an email notification containing a list of action items. The Program will then need to log back into the Colorado Shines Portal to review and correct the items on the L2 Application.  

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  • From the QRIS portal, click on the “View Application button. 

  •  Any section that needs to be addressed will be labeled with help text on the sidebar that reads, “Needs Attention”. 

  • When the user selects the section, a section called Notes from your Licensing Specialist will appear at the top of the page. Select the blue link for the note. This will open the note from the specialist to the program.

  • The note should be used as a reference for what needs to be adjusted on the application. 

  • After the item has been corrected, the user will need to go back into the note and use the “Mark as Resolved” button to resolve the action item. 
  • The user will see a confirmation message on the outer screen. The note on that section page has also been updated to resolved. 

  • If the user refreshes the page, the sidebar section text will also update and change from “Needs Attention” to “Completed”. 

  • Each section action item should be read, adjusted, and resolved in the same manner. When all items have been updated and marked as resolved, the user is done. An email will be sent to the specialist to let the specialist know to review the application. 

If you need further assistance with the action items, please contact your Licensing Specialist for clarification on what it needed on the application. 

If at any point you need assistance with this Application, please contact the Colorado Shines help desk at or 1-844-447-4441.