The following steps are to help guide Licensed Programs and those applying for a childcare license through the EandE Grant Application Process.   If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact your QRIS Coordinator at the Colorado Department of Early Childhood! 

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1) Program will log into The Provider Hub and click on "Available Grants

2) Program will then be prompted to enter their License Number. 

  • Programs going through the process of acquiring a License will enter in the provisional license number they are issued (This license number will follow them through the process and remain with the program upon receiving a permanent license)  
  • Existing programs will enter their License Number

3) When the license number is entered, the data system will validate that the number exists. If an error message appears, be sure to check that the correct license number was entered. If the error persists, the program should contact their Licensing Specialist. Upon entering the correct license number the application will appear


4) The applicant must complete all the fields within the application. Some of the information will be pre-populated based on information contained within the existing licensing database. If any of the information is incorrect, the applicant should contact their Licensing Specialist.  


  • Parts of the application require uploading documentation. If an applicant rents or leases their space, a letter of support from their landlord is required. This is to be sure that any changes being proposed are acceptable to the owner.  
  • Additionally, the applicant will need to submit a Budget Template that supports the amount of funding requested. This Template is provided within the application for download (see below screen shot); Once the template is completed, the applicant will upload the file within the application. If you have any questions regarding this Budget Template please contact your QRIS Coordinator.  
  • You can reach out to ANY vendor to get estimates for your Program’s particular needs You can find Vendors HERE). Examples of Stock Proposals from Lakeshore are as follows:


5) Once all fields and uploads are completed, the applicant needs to click "Apply for Grant" . 


Early Childhood Councils will have access to review applications that have been submitted. Council staff (with current Salesforce access) can navigate to the list view of all the submitted applications.  For more information on how to do this in Salesforce please check out this Document Provided by the Office of Early Childhood.