In an effort to align more with the Process of reconciliation and spending for the Year, as well as to combat any issues with Coaching Logs being over or under estimated at the end of the Year we have implemented some new Coaching restrictions in Sugar/ecConnect. These changes went into effect 10/7/21. 


We have made an update in Sugar/ecConnect so that Coaches will only be able to record Coaching logs in ecConnect if there are Hours in the Provider Coaching Requisition for which they are logging Coaching.  

This only applies to Programs with a 0 or negative balance, for which a Coach tries to create a Coaching Log for in ecConnect.  If the Provider has Coaching Hours they will be unaffected and Coaches will be able to log Coaching visits for the hours remaining. 


What this means for your Coach/Coaches:


When they log into ecConnect to log Coaching Hours they will see that any requisitions with a remaining balance of 0 or less will have the "Schedule Coaching" button greyed out.  When they hover their cursor over the button for a couple seconds it will show the message "No Hours Available"  This will mean that the Provider has no available Hours and the appropriate Grant Lead needs to put in Hours for that log to be recorded: