Sometimes, when creating a spending request in ecConnect, a customer would like to add additional Spending Types other than the ones listed for that specific Vendor under the QIP Goal Category. The Instructions below will help you update Vendors if they do not include those Spending types and should. 


Step 1: View Credit Type options currently available

When logged into ecConnect chose the Vendor you are looking to add additional accepted credit types to (blue buttons) to match your QIP goal. If for example it only had “Professional Development” button and you would like to expand the options to “Learning Materials” to its permitted credit type, then you would need to update this information in Sugar.

Before making any changes in Sugar to the permitted credit type check out the vendors website, or get more information to make sure that that credit type aligns with what they offer.

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Step 2: Update Credit type options for Vendor in Sugar

Log in to Sugar and look up the Vendor you would like to update. Select the “Admin” tab and click Edit. From here scroll to where it says “Permitted Credit Types(for Vendors)”. Begin typing in the credit type you want this vendor to accept, for example “Learning Materials”. Once complete make sure to click save in the right-hand corner. The Provider will now be able to see this added "Learning Materials" blue button as an option under the selected vendor to match their QIP Category in ecConnect.

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