RMECC registration in eConnect- for Providers 

This article will walk you through the steps for registering attendees to Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference in eConnect using QI funds.

Providers may talk to their staff to find out which individuals are interested in attending which sessions and then either the director/primary contact or the QI Navigator will go into ecConnect and create a single spending request with one line item for each member of staff who wants to attend. 

Click here for a snapshot of Steps  


Step 1) Login to ecConnect and click on Quality Improvement then “submit QI request Form, Select funds then select Next. 

Step 2) Click “Request Funds for RMECC++” 



Step 3) Add Attendees  

Use the add Profession Development Request item” button to add a line item for each individual you want to register. If the staff has an ecConnect login, it will make things a bit easier as they will automatically appear in the "Attendee" dropdown in the spending request form on ecConnect. However, if they don't appear in that list, you can still easily add them with the following steps: 

1. Click on the green magnifying glass icon to search for attendees that aren't listed in the attendee dropdown. 



2. In the searchbar at the top of the page, enter the email address of the attendee. You can also search for the Attendee's name but be sure to check the email address in the "Portal Username" column so you don't select a different individual with the same name. 


3. If you see the attendee you're looking for, click on their name in the result set. Otherwise, you can click on the "Not here? Add a new contact" button. Note that this button will only appear after you attempt to search for the contact. 

4. Fill out the form to create a new contact record. The only required fields on the form are the first and last name, email and role. 


Step 4) Click on “Select Training and select the dates they wish to attendQIP goal, and scope 


Step 5) When you are finished click “Submit” to send the request to your council Navigator or Coordinator 


Step 6) Your local Early Childhood Council will send you a registration discount code. 

 Include ALL staff in the group registration 

Only register for the days for which you have funding 



  If you have any technical regarding this Process in Sugar or questions about this document, please email the Support Helpdesk at support@ecconnectcolorado.org!