This article will guide you through new required steps to take in sugar for Capital Improvement requests for the Emerging and Expanding Grant. These new fields will specifically be tracking indirect calculations that will be charged for eligible capital improvement projects.

*Note that these steps are only available during the preapproval process in sugar!

You can review regulations to see if your request is eligible for indirect: Federal Code of Regulations prohibits charging indirect costs on capital expenditures. The definition of capital assets can be found at 2 CFR 200.1 “Capital assets'' and the definition of a capital expenditure can be found at 2 CFR 200.1 “Capital expenditures” . Indirect must be charged based on each individual ECCs policies on what constitutes a capital expenditure.

For EandE Capital Improvement second steps-for councils refer to this article here!!

Contact your Program Officer at CDEC if you are unsure if a request qualifies or not for indirect.

STEPS FOR GRANT LEAD IN SUGAR on an EandE Capital Improvement spending request

Step 1.) Go through the normal preapproval process. The new fields will appear below “Message from Sugar” field on EandE Capital Improvement spending requests when you select the “Preapprove…” action from “What would you like to do?”


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Step 2)  If any portion of the request is eligible for indirect, update  the “Is any portion of this request eligible for indirect?” field to “Yes”. If no portion of the request is eligible for indirect, select “No” and save the record.

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Step 3)  If some portion of the request is eligible for indirect, two new fields will appear. A screenshot of a computer

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  1. “Indirect Eligible Amount”- This field should contain the amount of the spending request that is eligible for indirect, not the amount of indirect that the council should be billed.The amount must be equal to or less than the total request amount. (Your indirect rate will automatically be calculated on this amount and included in your reconciliation report)
  2. “EandE Indirect Justification”- enter why this request is eligible for indirect charge based on the rules and regulations


Step 4) SAVE! The Status has now changed to “Pending Preapproval- special request” and has notified your Program Officer for approval.

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Step 5) You are done unless your program officer sends back for correction.

Step 6) Your council’s indirect will be automatically included when you generate your reconciliation report in sugar. No manual calculations are necessary.


If you have any Programmatic questions, please direct those to your Program Officer at the CDEC.  If you have any technical regarding this Process in Sugar or questions about this document, please email the Support Helpdesk at!