If you'd like to setup a custom funding stream, create manual Applications, and create manual Requisitions in Sugar for use in ecConnect, please follow the steps below.


Note: If you'd like to enable an online application, integrated electronic MOU, and custom calculating Requisitions, please email support@ecconnectcolorado.org so that we can best understand your requirements and what, if any, additional cost will be incurred.

*Bonus Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!  

Step 1. Create a Funding Stream Record in Sugar:


 In the Program Summary tab

  • Enter an abbreviation into the "Program Abbreviation" field. This should be a short abbreviation and something other than "CSQI" or "HSQI"
  • Enter dates into the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields
  • Update the "Grant Lead" and "Special Approver" fields with the name of the sugar user who will be approving spending


In the Application Setup tab

  • There are three required fields on this tab, "When does _____ sign the MOU".  Set all of these to "Does not Sign"


In the QI Dollars Detail tab

  • Update the "Council Spending End Date" - this will be the final day that council users will be able to create spending requests in ecConnect
  • Enter your QI Dollar budget for in the "Direct QI Budget" field.
  • Update the "QI Dollars Reserved for Participants Budget (Assignment via Applications)" field. In most cases you'll want the amount in this field to be the same as the amount you entered into the "Direct QI Budget" field, however, if you want, you can enter less than that amount, which will put the remainder into the pooled dollar requisition which you can transfer to your dollar requisitions later.



Step 2. Add an Application

  • Navigate to the Account Record of the Participating Site for which you wish to add a requisition
  • Scroll down to the Applications Subpanel and Click the + Icon to manually add an Application record

Fill out the following fields:

  • Provider Site this requisition should be generated for
  • Created by (put your Name)
  • Funding Stream (Start typing the Abbreviation you used to set up the Funding Stream that the requisitions will draw down from) 
  • Under Actions Select "Update Status to Summited (for apps not hosted by eConnect or CoShines)" 
  • SAVE

Step 3. Generate a Requisition

  • Scroll down to the Applications Subpanel and click on the newly created Application
  • Select "Generate Requisitions" from the Actions Menu
  • Click on the words "Generate Preliminary Internal Coaching Requisition".  
  • Click the checkbox under "Generate Preliminary Internal Coaching Requisition" (this will generate the preliminary Requisition)
  • SAVE
  • Scroll down to the Requisitions Subpanel 
  • Select "Update Preliminary Balance" from the Actions menu.

  • Type in the hours you wish to add in "New Preliminary Balance" 
  • Enter a Justification for why you are doing this in the "Justification" Box
  • Update "Assigned to" field to yourself 
  • SAVE.



Step 4. Upload the Manual MOU

  • On the account Record scroll down to the Documents Subpanel and click the  + Icon to manually add a document

  • Click on choose File (find and select the signed manual agreement.  Remember to use a naming convention for signed contracts such as program abbreviation, contract name, period, SIGNED), set status to Signed, change category to MOU, and type your name in Assigned to

  • SAVE
  • Go back to the Application Record
  • Select Manual MOU Uploaded – "Approve Requisitions and Accept"
  • Click on the MOU field to Select Document and start typing the naming convention and it will pop up.
  • SAVE - this will approve the Requisition and you are done! 

Step 5. Repeat as necessary for all participants