The following is a check list of the required support documentation necessary for the approval of QI and Professional Development reimbursement requests in Sugar. The Colorado Department of Early Childhood requires Council Quality Navigators and Grant Leads to review the following documents before approval of Quality Improvement or Professional development Reimbursement Requests in the SugarCRM system.  This information needs to be submitted by the provider creating the QI or PD request (via their ecConnect online portal at if they are requesting to purchase approved materials or PD with their credit card or a check and would like a reimbursement. If any of the items required (as listed on this checklist) are missing from the request, you should not process the reimbursement!  Please read this list carefully to ensure you have all necessary documentation.


If a Provider is requesting to purchase from a vendor outside of ecConnect the Council can go about this two ways:                   

1) Order these materials utilizing their Amazon or other vendor account. It is preferred that the council deliver the goods to the site and provide documentation that the Program received them. 


2) The provider can order materials with approval from the council. This would require signed documentation from Provider that the materials were received and attach the signed document to the Spending Record in Sugar before Reimbursement can be issued



Reimbursements may take up to 60 business days, and Councils are unable to reimburse for taxes paid.

Click here for a video covering Capital Improvement!

Proof of Payment

  • Completed Reimbursement Request in ecConnect


  •  An itemized receipt or registration showing payment made and the method of payment.

If the receipt shows payment by Credit Card and includes the last four digits of the Credit Card used, we require:

  • A copy of the front of the Credit Card (all numbers but the last four should be blocked out).
  •  The last four numbers of the credit card must match the last four numbers of the card used for payment as listed on the receipt. 
  • As an alternate to the copy of the actual credit card, you may submit copy of the credit card statement.


The Statement must include the following:

  • The last four digits of the credit card as listed on the receipt (all numbers but the last four should be blocked out).
  • The name (printed by the bank/creditor on the statement) of the person and program to whom the credit card belongs.
  • The posted transaction showing the charge to be reimbursed
  • All other information should be blocked out.   


 If the receipt shows payment by Check, we require:

  •  A copy of the cancelled check, documenting payment and payee.
  • As an alternate to the copy of the cancelled check, you may submit a copy of the bank statement.


 The Statement must include the following:

  •  The name (printed by the bank on the statement) of the person and program to whom the account belongs.
  • The posted transaction showing the payment to be reimbursed.


Gift Cards:

Here is the official guidance on what is required if a Program (guarantee) wants to purchase gift cards: 


The Distribution of Gift Cards, where applicable, shall adhere to the following:

A.    The contractor agency must have a written Gift Card Distribution Policy in place and this plan must be approved by the Department of Early Childhood before gift cards may be purchased. The policy must include maintaining an audit log of gift card purchases and disbursements and a process for routine reconciliations.

B.     The contractor agency’s gift card policy must ensure that gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and must restrict the recipient from using gift cards for alcohol, firearms, tobacco, lottery tickets, or entertainment.

C.     Gift Cards must be distributed to recipients within five (5) business days of purchase.

D.    Gift Cards should be given at the conclusion of an event or upon completion of an activity or milestone.

E.      Contractor agency staff shall have recipients sign a form that includes the following:  Date, Name of Gift Card Recipient, Purpose of Gift Card, Signature of Gift Card recipient acknowledging receipt of Gift Card and Gift Card Amount.

F.      The contractor cannot request reimbursement for the cost of gift cards until distribution of the gift cards has been made to recipients. Additionally, the contractor must maintain adequate documentation to show a record of all gift card distributions.

G.    The contractor shall be held responsible for inappropriate use of gift cards.


**Here is a report where councils can find their Capital improvement and QI reimbursement requests submitted by providers.**