Gone are the days of having to fiddle with invoice dates to get the correct spending records on your reconciliation report! Say arrivederci to needing to calculate fields required for CDEC invoice templates! We know you won’t miss wondering if there are any records you did not include when billing your funder over the year!

Introducing the new and improved reconciliation process, available starting with reconciliation for December, 2020! This article is a quick overview of what is changing. To see the full instructions for this super-streamlined process, check out the Step by step Monthly Reconciliation Process Article! 


Old Steps

New Steps

Council must remember to do this process every month

Councils are reminded via an email to the grant lead to do this each month (easier)

Councils run 4 separate reconciliation reports, where they

  • have to enter the dates correctly and
  • fuss with the invoice dates until it lines up with the current billing cycle, regardless of the actual invoice date

Councils double-check their reconciliation reports (optional)

Councils save 1 action per funding stream and get report of exactly what they need (easier)

  • Don’t have to worry about filters or invoice date- can have actually accurate data on spending records (easier and more accurate data)

Manipulate the data in excel for each report to find the numbers that go in the invoice to CDEC

  • Separate out ages for CSQI, but not HSQI
  • Separate out capital improvement

New reports do this for you! (easier)

Put those numbers in CDEC invoice (names of template do not always match how data appears in Sugar)

Councils copy-paste already appropriately summed and named fields into template for CDEC invoice (easier)

Send invoice to CDEC, as well as attach reports of spending/coaching records. If CDEC wants to double-check, they have to re-aggregate all data from reports.

Councils send invoice and reports to CDEC. CDEC can easily double-check that invoice has been completed correctly using fields on reports (easier)

No easy way via Sugar to know for sure if Councils have successfully billed CDEC for every record that they have spent their money on

Councils can easily check to make sure they have billed all records to CDEC via the new "Billing Status" Field, and this process makes it almost impossible to miss any! (easier and cost-savings to Councils)


Councils must keep track of own reports.

Sugar stores each month’s report for future reference! (easier)