Below are the steps for if Council's need to request that their OEC Program Officer unlock any Spending or Coaching records in Sugar after they have been marked as “Billed to Funder” to make edits to those records (that is if the Council had already generated their Summary Report on their CSQI21 Funding Stream marking those Records as “Billed to Funder” but now need to correct records).  

  1. Council sends records to be unlocked to their Program Officer at the OEC
  2. OEC Program Officer updates the Billing Status on the individual records back to "Ready to be billed".  (This field is towards the bottom of the spending Record in the Payment Status Subpanel and is ONLY editable by the OEC Program Officer).  

  1. Council uses the "Please Open for Editing" action if it's a Spending record or update the status to "Scheduled" if it's a Coaching detail
  2. Council makes any necessary changes
  3. Council moves the record back into the “Reconciled” status
  4. OEC Program Officer updates the billing status back to "Billed to Funder"  
  5. OEC Program Officer updates their internal records


Please note: The council should NOT generate a new Reconciliation Summary Report on their CSQI Funding Stream during the middle of the process or else they could double bill the record.