If Spending Request is to a Vendor that does NOT have a PO set up (please see Vendor Definitions for which Vendors most likely have a PO in place) then the Request is a Manual Spending Request.  These instructions will walk you through ensuring you accurately order and Process a Manual Spending Request. 

If you are processing a Manual Spending Request in Sugar, sometimes the vendor you need is not already in Sugar. While we encourage programs to choose preferred or approved vendors, sometimes there will be situations where a new vendor is needed. You can find steps on how to add a Vendor HERE! 


1. Make sure "Request Preapproval to Pay by Credit Card" is marked as “Yes” before submitting for Preapproval.

2. Once the request is approved by the grant lead Select "Manual Order Approved - Proceed with Processing" from the "What would you like to do? Select from Available Actions" field

3.The Navigator can now make the purchase with the vendor (via phone or online).  To send a PO via email to the Manual Vendor you can download the PO from the Spending Record by clicking on the "Edit" Dropdown menu and selecting "Purchase Order PDF".  Once you have downloaded this PO you can email it to the Vendor to place the order.  

4. Once you have made the purchase, scroll down to Payment Status and in the field Payment Status select either “Paid by Credit Card” or "Paid by Check" 

5. Make sure you receive confirmation of Order then from the Action on the Spending Request Select "Manual Order Placed with Vendor, Update Status to Ordered"  

6. Attach the receipt or Invoice (preferably as a PDF) to the Notes section of the Spending Request.  For steps on how to do this click HERE

7. Enter the date you paid (the date on the receipt) into Invoice Date

8. Enter the Invoice Number into the field with this name.

  • The Invoice Number could be “N/A” or could be a unique identifying number produced by the Vendor which would be located on the receipt.

9. Once the receipt is attached and invoice information is entered, you can select the action "Documentation Attached & Send to Finance for Approvalto move the request to the next step in the process.

10. From here the Grant Lead will select "Finance reviewed Documentation, Approved & Mark as Ready for Accounting"

11. If your Council requires any further steps to document credit card purchases (such as submitting a copy of the receipt and a copy of the Spending Request to your finance department), please don't forget to submit this as well!  After you have followed the processes of your Financial Dept. and read through the Spending Review Steps to ensure the Spending Record is ready to reconcile, the Grant Lead will mark the Record as reconciled by selecting the Action "Reconciled (Lock Editing)" . 

Make sure you check out the Step-by-Step Monthly Reconciliation Process for directions on how to bill to the OEC when you are ready!