This Article will walk you through updating the Transfer/Conversion Permissions for your Council.  Please note the default setting is "Only Grant Lead Can convert Hours to Dollars".  This default setting does not interfere with Transfers or Dollars to Hours Conversions, which can still be completed by anyone at your council with an active Sugar log in.  Your Councils may want to change this if the Navigator or other Council Staff have been given permission to Convert Hours to Dollars by the Grant Lead.


Step 1) Navigate to your TQSI/ESQI Funding Stream

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Step 2) Click on Application Set up Tab



Step 3) Scroll down to the new Transfers/Conversion Permissions Field

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From here you can update your permissions to the options listed above

  • If you select "None" this means any Council Staff member with an active Sugar Log in permission to create Transfers/Conversions.  
  • Selecting "Only Grant Lead can Convert Hours to Dollars" means only the Grant Lead can make these Conversions
  • And finally selecting "Only Grant Lead Can Create ANY Transfers/Conversions" means ONLY the Grant Lead can create ANY Transfers/Conversions for the Council. 


You can read more about Transfers and Conversions in this article Transfers and Conversions - The Basics!