When a provider’s application is approved, they are assigned a specific amount of QI Dollars and/or Coaching hours. However, sometimes they need more or less than they received originally. You can redistribute coaching or QI dollars by creating transfers/conversions.

This article will walk you through Transfers and Conversions, and highlight some of the important aspects to remember. If you are a having trouble be sure to check out the Transfers/Conversions FAQ's!. You can also read more about Requisitions in What the Heck is a Requisition!?!!

You create transfers/conversions by selecting the appropriate option from the “Actions” field dropdown in the REQUISITION module.  You can see a record of all the transfers associated with a particular requisition by looking in the “Transfers To” and “Transfers From” subpanels towards the bottom of the requisition.

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What is the difference between a transfer and a conversion? 

Even though the steps are functionally the same, there is a difference between a transfer and a conversion:

  • Transfers - move money or hours directly between a provider requisition and your Council’s pooled requisition (you can read more about pooled vs. provider requisitions in the article What the Heck is a Requisition!?!). Actions that transfer resources are: Increase Balance with Transfer, Decrease Balance with Transfer, Milestone Award  - Increase Balance, Correct Negative Balance, Forfeit Remaining Balance

  • Conversions - move money or hours between one provider’s requisitions, and just changes the form of the resource (dollars to hours or vice versa). Actions that convert resources are:  Convert Hours to Dollars, Convert Dollars to Hours

                  *Note: this can get confusing because conversions still show up under the “transfers from” and “transfers to” subpanel, but hopefully this distinction helps you select the correct Action on the Requisition, which is the most important part!


Important Fields (on Requisition records)


Actions – This dropdown is the first field you’ll need to update to create a transfer. Read the options carefully and select the one that best suits your needs.

Transfer Justification – This is where you’ll document why you’re creating this transfer. Whatever you write into this field will be copied onto the created transfer record.

Message From Sugar – This field is automatically updated with the results of the action. Always check this field after you save to confirm the action was successful.

Dollars to be Transferred and Hours to be Transferred – These two fields are where you specify the amount you would like to transfer.

New Assignment Type – For conversions, this is where you’ll specify the type of funds you would like to generate through the conversion

Creating a Transfer or Conversion


  1. Go to the provider Requisition that you would like to update
  2. Select the appropriate option from the “Actions” dropdown:
    1. "Increase Balance with Transfer" to increase the Provider’s requisition with funds from the Pooled Requisition
    2. "Decrease Balance with Transfer" to forfeit some or all of the provider’s balance to the Pooled Requisition, which will allow you to transfer those funds to a different provider
    3. "Convert Dollars into Hours" to convert some or all of a provider’s Dollars into Coaching hours
    4. "Convert Hours into Dollars" to convert some or all of a provider’s Coaching Hours into Dollars
    5. "Correct Negative Balance" to transfer exactly enough funds to make the remaining balance 0.
    6. "Forfeit Remaining Balance" to transfer all the remaining funds from the provider requisition to the pooled requisition.
  3. Review the new fields that appeared when you selected the action. The fields you’ll see are dependent on which action you selected. You’ll need to fill out each of the new fields that appeared if they aren’t already filled out.
  4. Enter the reason you’re requesting this transfer in the "Transfer Justification" field. This field is required for all transfer/conversion actions.
  5. If you selected any option other than "Correct Negative Balance" or "Forfeit Remaining Balance," enter number of hours or the dollar amount you are trying to transfer into either the "Dollars to be transferred" or the "Hours to be transferred" field
  6. If you selected the "Convert Dollars into Hours" action, enter the type of coaching your council uses (internal or external) into the "New Assignment Type" field.
  7. Save!
  8. Review the output in the "Message from Sugar" field. Actions aren’t always successful! If there were any issues, sugar will document those issues in this field.



Transfer: This user is requesting an additional $10 for this provider. This action will be successful as long as the Pooled Dollar Requisition has at least $10 remaining.

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Conversion: This site needs additional coaching hours, so this user went to their Dollar Requisition and is requesting to convert some of their Dollars into coaching hours. The user selected “Internal Coaching” in the “New Assignment Type” field so this will update the provider’s Internal requisition or create a new Internal requisition if one doesn’t exist. This council’s Internal Coaching Rate is $50 (this field is a copy of the rate listed on the Funding Stream, so it isn’t editable). Since the rate is $50, and this user is requesting 5 hours, this requisition must have 5 hrs x $50 = $250 remaining to be able to afford this conversion.

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