If you need to enter any previously processed QI requests that are NOT currently in Sugar, please use the steps below!  

*Helpful Reminder: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!  

Step 1 Log in to ecConnect.  

Step 2- Click on Submit QI Request from the Quality Improvement Drop down or click Access QI Funds.

Step 3- Choose your childcare Site/ Program, the QI funds you wish to record the previous spending in, and click NEXT! 

Step 4 - Select "Enter Previously Processed Orders"

You will then see this page:

Please Note:

Only use this form for QI Spending that has already been completely processed by your Council OUTSIDE of Sugar. For any new QI Requests, please go back and select the "New QI Request" Button. Payment by the Council to the Councils' contracted coaches or personnel is NOT processed in Sugar and should not be entered on this form. If you have questions please email us at support@ecconnectcolorado.org!

If you use the Submit QI Request Form you could be at risk of DUPLICATING a previously processed QI Request, and could be financially responsible for redundant orders.  Please only use this if you have NOT documented this Spending in Sugar Previously.  

Step 5- You will need to select a QIP Goal Category from the drop-down menu.


Step 6- You will need to select the Payable to type from the drop-down menu.  For all Payable to types you will need to attach additional documentation from the purchase.   Click HERE for a complete list!  You can also check out what these Payable to Types mean HERE

You will not have the option to shop via the punchout system if you select a Marketplace Vendor as the items have already been purchased

Step 7Click  on the appropriate + Button to add previously processed Items or Professional development.  and then fill in the relevant fields.  You can add more items by clicking the ADD + Button below your spending detail


Step 8- Attach ALL documentation related to the previously processed spending request add discounts if you received an invoice with discounts, describe in a brief summary why you purchased these these Items, sign your Name, then click SUBMIT! 

Once you click submit you will see a dialogue box at the top of your screen.  Click OK

  • Once you have submitted the Previously processed request through ecConnect you will be able to see it in Sugar as a Backentered Request
  • In the Spending Request make sure to scroll down to the Payment Request information and fill out the following information:
  • Payable to Account
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number 

  • Select "Documentation attached & Send to Finance for Approval"

  • Then select "Mark as Reconciled (Lock editing)" and you are done!