Due to an increase in the number of emails that Echosign was unable to deliver, we implemented several changes to identify these undeliverable email addresses and make sure MOUs weren't indefinitely waiting on addresses that were unable to receive the requests for signatures.


When Echosign reports that an agreement is undeliverable, sugar will automatically cancel the MOU and specify the invalid email in the "Undeliverable Email Address" field on the application record.  If anyone attempts to resend the MOU without updating the invalid email address, sugar will refuse to send a new MOU. 

To send a new MOU, you'll first need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the provider's Account record in sugar
  2. Click on the Contact listed in the Primary Contact / Portal Admin" field
  3. Click the blue "Edit" button in the top right corner of the page
  4. Update the "Email Address" field to the new email address
  5. Press the blue "Save" button in the top right corner of the page
  6. Return to the Application record
  7. Select the "Send MOU Pending Sufficient Funds" action
  8. Press the blue "Save" button in the top right corner of the page
  9. Confirm the action was successful by checking the output in the "Message from Sugar" field


Please Note: if the provider is attempting to delegate the agreement to an invalid address, sugar will allow you to send the MOU but it will fail if the provider again attempts to delegate the agreement to the invalid email address.  In this scenario, you'll need to contact the provider and tell them that they can't delegate the agreement to that address. The provider will either need to sign the agreement themselves, delegate the agreement to a different email address or print out the MOU and follow the steps in the article Process for a Manual MOU Upload to sign the agreement and upload it manually.