In order to help Councils with multiple sugar users more effectively manage their funds, we've introduced a new feature to allow Councils to manage who is allowed to transfer and convert funds.  You can read more about Transfers and Conversion in the Transfers and Conversions - The Basics Article!

Councils can find a new field on the "Application Setup" tab of their Funding Streams called "Transfer Restrictions".  Councils can update this field to one of the following options:

1) None - This option will allow any of the Council's sugar users to create transfers and conversions. This option is best for Councils that want increased flexibility and want any of their sugar users to be able to update their requisitions' balances

2) Only Grant Lead can Convert Hours to Dollars - (this is the default option) Any sugar user from the Council can create any transfer or conversion except for converting hours to dollars. The reason converting dollars into hours are treated specially is that Councils with internal coaches depend on coaching reimbursements to cover the payroll costs of their internal coaches so they may want to prevent users from converting too many of their coaching hours into dollars.

3) Only Grant Lead can Create ANY Transfers/Conversions -  This option will only allow the Grant Lead to create transfers and conversions. This option gives the Grant Lead the most control over the Requisition balances but it's also the most restrictive option as no other users will be able to transfer or convert funds.