This article will give ECCs more detailed information on how to fill out a spending request in ecConnect for requesting that a Provider's Quality Merit Funds be directly paid to them as a check.  

Funds need to be spent or a check cut before June 30th 2023 as these funds will not carry over! A check is the preferred method as it is easiest to track spending. 

 Step 1: New Spending request in ecConnect 

Have the Provider log into ecConnect and create a new spending request.  Have them select their TSQI or ESQI Funding:

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Step 2: QIP Goal Category and Payable to

Make sure they select the “QIP goal category” that relates to what they will use their Merit Funding on and that they select “Childcare site Reimbursement” from the “Payable To "field:

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Step 3: Learning Materials Section

Have the Provider add one line Item for the full amount of the Merit Award and set the item name to “Direct Payment of Quality Merit Award”. Remember to have the Provider fill out the following information for this request:

  • Unit Price 
  • Age-Appropriate Level 
  • QIP goal *Please ensure there is a relevant QIP goal to attach to this request.!
  • Scope

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Step 4: Provider Narrative

The Provider or QI Navigator will need to request funds for one of the categories below.  

(E.g. "This is a request for a check to be cut in the amount of $4000. We will use these dollars to purchase Goods and Services)

 Programs are required to use their merit awards on one of these categories below  

a. "Personnel Costs include payroll and salaries or similar compensation for an employee – including any sole proprietor or independent contractor – employee benefits, premium pay, or costs for employee recruitment and retention." 

b. "Rent/Mortgage/Utilities include rent (under a lease agreement) or payment on any mortgage obligation, utilities, facility maintenance or improvements, or insurance. " 


c." Personal protective equipment includes cleaning and sanitization supplies and services, or training and professional development related to health and safety practices." 

d." Purchases of or updates to equipment and supplies are defined as those necessary to respond to the COVID–19 public health emergency." 


e." Goods and services are defined as those necessary to maintain or resume child care services." 

f. " Mental health supports encompass supports for children and employees" 

If you reported that one of these was not the purpose of the usage, your Coordinator will contact you.   

The Provider must also attach their current W9 tax form to receive this Merit Award.  They can do so by clicking the QI Additional Documentation button and attaching it there. 


Once you have received this Quality Merit Check request please make sure to change the “Payable to account” in the Spending Request (in Sugar) to the Provider’s Account and process like you would any other request.