The following steps walk you through reconciling a spending record in Sugar when the provider has received a Merit Award and has asked for a reimbursement.


Step 1) Open up Spending module- Navigate to the spending record that is ready to be reconciled.


Step 2) Reconcile spending record- Select “Mark as Reconciled (Lock Editing)” from the "What Would you Like to do? Select from the Available Actions" field on the spending record.

Step 3) Fill in New required field- You will see there is a New Field "Is this a direct payment for a merit award?" with the drop down option for a  “yes” or “no”

  -Select "Yes" if this is a request for a check to be cut as a direct Payment to the Provider for their Quality Merit Award

  -Select "No" if this spending request was not a a request to cut a check to the Provider for their Quality Merit Award 

** Please note: You now will see an error message appear " Error Please resolve errors before proceeding." if the New Field is not filled out with either a yes or a no.


Step 4) Save- Once the new field is filled out make sure to SAVE.  This will let you reconcile your spending record!